Chapel Tri club

Echelon is working closely with the coaches to deliver key cycling skills exclusively to the members of Chapel Triathlon Club.

These sessions are dedicated to improving performance and increasing cycling efficiency.

Sessions focus on improving pedalling technique, coaching an efficient cadence and building on current fitness.

For further details please see below.


Booking the corresponding Membership (Tuesday or Thursday) allocates sufficient credits (5) to your account to secure your place on every Tuesday or Thursday class of that Month.

Classes are at 4:45pm lasting approximately 50 minutes.

Plenty of time to get to Southampton Athletics Track for run training and creating a split brick session.


Technique - Cadence

An efficient cadence is paramount to overall performance.

Pushing a big gear or spinning out will hinder your performance in a race. Getting it right will position yourself well for the optimum run.

Practicing cadence drills train an efficient leg speed which can often go unrealised.

Fitness - Effort Awareness

Train and race at the correct level. Not everything is done at maximum effort and tailoring your effort takes guidance and practice.

Push too hard too soon and risk exhausting yourself. Don’t push hard enough and you may finish the race feeling you have underperformed.

At Echelon, we introduce race efforts within the training program to build experience and the ability to “race and train by feel”.



Technique - Pedal Efficiency

Using the Wattbike’s Polar View, we use real-time images of an athletes pedal efficiency.

Introducing pedal technique drills from the first session and adjusting cadence to suit the individual we improve a cyclists overall efficiency.

Smoother power application, increase in overall efficiency, faster riding…….faster running!!