What do I need to bring?

Essential items: Water and a towel

Regular gym attire is perfectly suitable although cycling shorts with a chamois may make your session more comfortable.

Normal trainers are fine although cycling shoes will allow better power efficiency.

Wattbike pedals can be used with either LOOK KEO or MTB STB cleats. We also have SHIMANO and SPEEDPLAY pedals in the studio and available to use.

There is space in the studio to leave small bags.

When should I arrive?

Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of the class to set your bike up. Parking is available on Knellers Lane.

After the class please wipe down your bike out of courtesy for the next rider.

Can I record my session?

You can sync the Wattbike with your personal device (Watt Hub App / Garmin) and record your effort to Strava to ensure that no "Kudos" potential is ever lost. We will give you instructions on how to do this in the studio.

Do I need a Heart Rate Monitor?

Heart Rate monitors are useful tools to allow you and the coach to check your effort. These can be bought online and we  recommend a Garmin HR strap.


Do I need an Induction?

We highly recommend everyone comes for a free induction unless you are an experienced Wattbike user and have bike fitting and performance data. This incorporates a demonstration of the bike monitor, the fitness test needed to determine your MMP (Max Minute Power) on which future sessions will be based and an opportunity to ask any questions.