Knowing your FTP is essential for bettering your performance!!

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is probably the single most important power training term and it opens a gateway to your best ever cycling performance.

Equivalent to the maximum power you can sustain for an hour’s riding, FTP is key in setting training zones and can be used to help pacing in road racing, triathlon events and sportives.


60 minutes

The target wattage increases by a set amount every minute until failure.

Maximum Minute Power (MMP) and Max Heart Rate (MHR) are calculated from your final full completed minute.

Your FTP is calculated by dividing your MMP by 1.4 (MMP = 140% of FTP)


60 Minutes

Perform a thorough warm up including 1 and 5 minute hard efforts.

Ride for 20 minutes at your maximal sustainable effort. Pacing is key for an accurate test and a previous FTP will assist with this.

Your FTP is calculated by using 95% of your average power over your 20 minute effort.


90 Minutes

Unleash your full cycling potential and complete a comprehensive assessment of your cycling ability.

Take away a full report identifying and quantifying your strengths and weaknesses across multiple intervals.

Receive guidance on training specific to your abilities and goals.


Following all tests, a full set of results and training zones will be provided along with a full Power Profile following that test.

“Over the course of a season, an increase in FTP is an indication that aerobic fitness has increased”

“Functional Threshold Power is a basic and repeatable way to gauge fitness”